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Village Cicmany - Slovakia

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The distinctive village of Cicmany lies in the valley of the Strazovske Hillsm almost next to the spring of the River Rajcianka. The village is known for its historic and unique architecture - painted, wooden houses. .

In order to preserve them, in 1977 the lower part of the village was declared a historical reserve of folk architecture.

The architecture is reminiscent of a "gingerbread house", mainly due to the ornamental decorations of the outside walls of the houses. These objects are valuable proof of technical development, master's skills and the aesthetic feeling of the inhabitants.
The geometric decorations are approximately 200 years old. The simple ornaments were painted using white lime which also had the function of conservation and protection.

The village of Cicmany is the highest village in the Zilian region. The first note of the village is from 1272.

During winter, it is possible to ski in the Javorinka ski centre; in summer, there are hiking and cycle paths and from Javorinka Hill it is possible to paraglide and hand gliding.

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