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Parkhotel Richmond ****
Relax Paket DISCOUNT 10%from 212,- EUR/3 nights
Winter relaxation program DISCOUNT 10%from 260,- EUR/4 nights
Complex curefrom 406,- EUR/6 nights
Program for seniors DISCOUNT 10%from 453,- EUR/7 nights
Slimming programme DISCOUNT 10%from 923,- EUR/14 nights
Antistress programme DISCOUNT 10%from 425,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation plus breakfastfrom 100,- EUR/2 nights
Spa on trial DISCOUNT 10%from 430,- EUR/7 nights
Program for diabetics DISCOUNT 10%from 640,- EUR/10 nights
Spa Resort Sanssouci ****
Complex spa vacation Spa Resort Sanssouci SPECIAL OFFERfrom 592,- EUR/7 nights
Harmony DISCOUNT 10%from 126,- EUR/2 nights
Antistress programme Spa Resort Sanssoucifrom 423,- EUR/5 nights
Energy DISCOUNT 10%from 233,- EUR/4 nights
Programme Classic SPECIAL OFFERfrom 323,- EUR/5 nights
Accommodation with breakfast Spa Resort Sanssouci DISCOUNT 10%from 39,- EUR/1 nights
max 10
Grandhotel Pupp *****
Healing vacation from 1.170,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 189,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Kolonada ****
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 129,- EUR/2 nights
Classic treatment DISCOUNT 10%from 665,- EUR/7 nights
Hotel Imperial *****
Rest and relax DISCOUNT 10%from 582,- EUR/4 nights
Golf package Imperial DISCOUNT 10%from 369,- EUR/2 nights
Complex spa vacation Imperial DISCOUNT 10%from 978,- EUR/7 nights
Antistress programme Imperial DISCOUNT 10%from 650,- EUR/5 nights
Vacation Vital DISCOUNT 10%from 1.120,- EUR/7 nights
Savoy Westend Hotel *****
Curative stay Relax SPECIAL OFFERfrom 463,- EUR/3 nights
Complex spa cure SPECIAL OFFERfrom 1.463,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation plus breakfast SPECIAL OFFERfrom 179,- EUR/2 nights
Spa Hotel Dvořák ****S
Detoxication stayfrom 218,- EUR/3 nights
Karlovy Vary healing treatmentfrom 557,- EUR/7 nights
Antistress programmefrom 149,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Bristol Palace ****
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 159,- EUR/2 nights
Classic treatment DISCOUNT 10%from 767,- EUR/7 nights
Interhotel Central ****
Complex spa treatment with full boardfrom 731,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 109,- EUR/2 nights
max 10


max 10
Hana M. - Verified customer - 18.11.2019 - Interhotel Central ****, Accommodation with breakfast
max 10
Hana M. - Verified customer - 09.03.2019 - Spa Resort Sanssouci ****, Accommodation with breakfast Spa Resort Sanssouci
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