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Hotel Thermia Palace

Medical Spa Piestany - Slovakia

Hotel Thermia Palace *****
Accommodation with half board 2018 - Thermia Palacefrom 238,- EUR/2 nights
Taste of Piešťany 2018/2019 - Thermia Palace SPECIAL OFFERfrom 276,- EUR/2 nights
Fantastic Spa relax 2018 - Thermia Palacefrom 1.295,- EUR/7 nights
Complex spa stay - Thermia Palace SPECIAL OFFERfrom 1.120,- EUR/7 nights
Complex spa stay LIGHT 2019from 1.029,- EUR/7 nights
De Luxe treatment program 2018 - Thermia Palacefrom 1.540,- EUR/7 nights
Spa vacation Slim Line - Thermia Palacefrom 2.197,- EUR/13 nights
max 10

Grandhotel Pupp

Carlsbad - Czech Republic

Grandhotel Pupp *****
Healing vacation from 905,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 145,- EUR/2 nights

Kempinski Palace Portoroz

Portoroz - Slovenia

Kempinski Palace Portoroz *****
Special offer 4=3from 224,- EUR/4 nights
Bed and Breakfast SPECIAL OFFERfrom 149,- EUR/2 nights

Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa

Medical Spa Heviz - Hungary

Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa *****
SPECIAL OFFER 7=6 DISCOUNT 10%from 576,- EUR/7 nights
Wellness in Lotus DISCOUNT 10%from 355,- EUR/3 nights
Small treatment package DISCOUNT 10%from 808,- EUR/6 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 288,- EUR/3 nights
max 10

Savoy Westend Hotel

Carlsbad - Czech Republic

Savoy Westend Hotel *****
Curative stay Relax SPECIAL OFFERfrom 403,- EUR/3 nights
Complex spa cure SPECIAL OFFERfrom 1.285,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation plus breakfast SPECIAL OFFERfrom 152,- EUR/2 nights

Grand Hotel Toplice

Medical Spa Bled - Slovenia

Grand Hotel Toplice *****
Perfect experience at the Bled lake - Grand Hotel Toplice DISCOUNT 10%from 300,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 246,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 171,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Livada Prestige

Medical Spa Moravske Toplice - Slovenia

Hotel Livada Prestige *****
TOP winter offerfrom 180,- EUR/2 nights
New Year´s Eve in Terme 3000from 450,- EUR/3 nights
New Year’s Eve celebration at the poolfrom 349,- EUR/3 nights
New Year´s Eve after New Year´s Evefrom 199,- EUR/2 nights
Relaxation package LIVADAfrom 230,- EUR/2 nights
Golf vacation LIVADAfrom 242,- EUR/2 nights
Senior's packagefrom 210,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with half boardfrom 160,- EUR/2 nights
max 10

Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne

Marianske Lazne - Czech Republic

Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne *****
Minirelaxfrom 247,- EUR/2 nights
Mini Spa Programfrom 364,- EUR/3 nights
Relaxing Spa Holidayfrom 836,- EUR/7 nights
Comprehensive Spa Stayfrom 996,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 181,- EUR/2 nights
max 10

Atlantida Boutique Hotel

Medical Spa Rogaška Slatina - Slovenia

Atlantida Boutique Hotel *****
Accommodation with half board DISCOUNT 10%from 252,- EUR/2 nights

Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa

Medical Spa Sarvar - Hungary

Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa *****
Special offer November, Decemberfrom 100,- EUR/1 nights
Spirit Summer 3+1 DISCOUNT 10%from 357,- EUR/4 nights
Special offer during the weekfrom 310,- EUR/3 nights
SPECIAL OFFER 7=6 SPECIAL OFFERfrom 722,- EUR/7 nights
Spirit Luxus SPECIAL OFFERfrom 540,- EUR/3 nights
Spirit Spa SPECIAL OFFERfrom 998,- EUR/7 nights
Spirit Health SPECIAL OFFERfrom 2.127,- EUR/14 nights
Accommodation with half board SPECIAL OFFERfrom 379,- EUR/3 nights
max 10
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel *****
Spa Rate with full board SPECIAL OFFERfrom 1.288,- EUR/7 nights
Weight Loss Stayfrom 3.948,- EUR/14 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 226,- EUR/2 nights

Habakuk Hotel

Maribor - Slovenia

Habakuk Hotel ****
Relax vacation Habakukfrom 147,- EUR/2 nights
New Year´s Package Habakukfrom 572,- EUR/5 nights
Winter wellness vacation Habakukfrom 173,- EUR/2 nights
Ski Package Habakuk 2019from 231,- EUR/2 nights
Winter wellness vacation Habakuk 7=6from 519,- EUR/7 nights
Ski Package Habakuk 7=6from 693,- EUR/7 nights
max 10

Grand hotel Portorož

Portoroz - Slovenia

Grand hotel Portorož ****
Special offer for autumnfrom 133,- EUR/2 nights
Christmas vacation in Portorož DISCOUNT 10%from 136,- EUR/2 nights
NEW YEAR IN PORTOROŽfrom 328,- EUR/3 nights
Leisure Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 262,- EUR/3 nights
Relax stay DISCOUNT 10%from 524,- EUR/4 nights
max 10

Hotel Spa Golfer

Medical Spa Sveti Martin - Croatia

Hotel Spa Golfer ****
Actively all the year round from 167,- EUR/3 nights
Wellness RELAX DISCOUNT 10%from 149,- EUR/2 nights
Winter vacation DISCOUNT 10%from 120,- EUR/2 nights
Romantic weekend DISCOUNT 10%from 178,- EUR/2 nights
Wellness & Bike DISCOUNT 10%from 133,- EUR/2 nights
Christmas vacation "Sveti Martin" DISCOUNT 10%from 113,- EUR/2 nights
max 10

Grand Hotel Donat

Medical Spa Rogaška Slatina - Slovenia

Grand Hotel Donat ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 195,- EUR/2 nights

Sotelia Hotel

Medical Spa Olimia - Slovenia

Sotelia Hotel ****
Experience package Sotelia from 199,- EUR/2 nights
Experience package Sotelia 2019from 225,- EUR/2 nights
Weekend package Sotelia 2018 DISCOUNT 10%from 217,- EUR/2 nights
Weekend package Sotelia 2019from 281,- EUR/2 nights
Week vacation Sotelia 2019from 832,- EUR/7 nights
Holidays Sotelia 2018 DISCOUNT 10%from 272,- EUR/2 nights
Holidays Sotelia 2019from 473,- EUR/3 nights

Hotel Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica - Slovakia

Hotel Lomnica ****
Bed and breakfast Winter 2018/2019 SPECIAL OFFERfrom 162,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Bioterme

Medical Spa Mala Nedelja - Slovenia

Hotel Bioterme ****
Merry Christmas DISCOUNT 10%from 107,- EUR/2 nights
New Year´s Eve 2018 from 248,- EUR/3 nights
4=3 offer DISCOUNT 10%from 192,- EUR/4 nights
5=4 offer DISCOUNT 10%from 264,- EUR/5 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 128,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Atrij

Medical Spa Zrece - Slovenia

Hotel Atrij ****
New Year´s Eve in Terme Zrece DISCOUNT 10%from 524,- EUR/4 nights
White Winter in Terme Zreče DISCOUNT 10%from 239,- EUR/3 nights
SKI & SPA DISCOUNT 10%from 268,- EUR/3 nights
Romantic vacation for two 2018/2019 DISCOUNT 10%from 213,- EUR/2 nights
Wellness Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 230,- EUR/3 nights
Curative week DISCOUNT 10%from 738,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with half board in Terme Zrece 2018/2019 DISCOUNT 10%from 204,- EUR/2 nights

Grand Hotel Primus

Medical Spa Ptuj - Slovenia

Grand Hotel Primus ****
Wine & Wellness DISCOUNT 10%from 236,- EUR/2 nights
Christmas in Terme Ptuj DISCOUNT 10%from 173,- EUR/2 nights
New Year´s Eve in Terme Ptuj DISCOUNT 10%from 385,- EUR/3 nights
Active holiday in Terme Ptuj DISCOUNT 10%from 233,- EUR/3 nights
Romantic vacation Maximus Primus DISCOUNT 10%from 256,- EUR/2 nights
Golf & Relax DISCOUNT 10%from 223,- EUR/2 nights
TOP Winter in Terme Ptuj DISCOUNT 10%from 147,- EUR/2 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 147,- EUR/2 nights
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