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Karlovy Vary

Weight Loss Programm DISCOUNT 10%from 774,- EUR/7 nights
Health treatment DISCOUNT 10%from 686,- EUR/7 nights
Spa on trial DISCOUNT 10%from 456,- EUR/5 nights
Karlovy Vary comprehensive treatmentfrom 843,- EUR/7 nights
Weekend Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 194,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Kolonada ****
Bed and breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 51,- EUR/1 nights
Curative stay DISCOUNT 10%from 377,- EUR/6 nights
Spa Resort Sanssouci ****
Wellness rehabilitation package with Petra Clinic DISCOUNT 10%from 204,- EUR/2 nights
Beauty programme DISCOUNT 10%from 237,- EUR/2 nights
Slimming package with non-invasive liposuction DISCOUNT 10%from 506,- EUR/6 nights
Complex spa vacation Spa Resort Sanssouci SPECIAL OFFERfrom 550,- EUR/7 nights
Harmony DISCOUNT 10%from 111,- EUR/2 nights
Energy DISCOUNT 10%from 217,- EUR/4 nights
Programme Classic SPECIAL OFFERfrom 308,- EUR/5 nights
Respiratory spa treatment DISCOUNT 10%from 460,- EUR/6 nights
Relax with cannabis DISCOUNT 10%from 122,- EUR/2 nights
Accommodation with breakfast Spa Resort Sanssouci DISCOUNT 10%from 35,- EUR/1 nights
Parkhotel Richmond ****
Relax Package 5 nights DISCOUNT 10%from 369,- EUR/5 nights
Relax Package 6 nightsfrom 422,- EUR/6 nights
Relax Package 3 nights DISCOUNT 10%from 227,- EUR/3 nights
Winter relaxation program DISCOUNT 10%from 278,- EUR/4 nights
You and Me DISCOUNT 10%from 152,- EUR/2 nights
Complex cure SPECIAL OFFERfrom 515,- EUR/7 nights
Program for seniors DISCOUNT 10%from 494,- EUR/7 nights
Slimming programmefrom 1.162,- EUR/14 nights
Antistress programme DISCOUNT 10%from 455,- EUR/7 nights
Intensive beauty program DISCOUNT 10%from 494,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation plus breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 118,- EUR/2 nights
Relax Package 4 nights DISCOUNT 10%from 298,- EUR/4 nights
Spa on trial DISCOUNT 10%from 460,- EUR/7 nights
Program for diabetics DISCOUNT 10%from 789,- EUR/10 nights
Christmas DISCOUNT 10%from 436,- EUR/6 nights
New Year´s Evefrom 537,- EUR/6 nights
Hotel Cihelny Spa & Golf Resort
Golf vacation with breakfastfrom 273,- EUR/2 nights
Golf & Wellnessfrom 191,- EUR/2 nights
Romantic vacation from 211,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Humboldt Park Hotel & Spa ****
Spa on trial NEWfrom 226,- EUR/3 nights
Wellness stay for 2 or 3 nights NEWfrom 181,- EUR/2 nights
Healing stay for movement without pain NEWfrom 452,- EUR/6 nights
Postcovid stay NEWfrom 452,- EUR/6 nights
Complex curative Stay SPECIAL OFFERfrom 554,- EUR/7 nights
Healing stay Light SPECIAL OFFERfrom 475,- EUR/7 nights
Hotel Imperial *****
Immunity DISCOUNT 10%from 316,- EUR/3 nights
Complex spa vacation Imperial DISCOUNT 10%from 917,- EUR/7 nights
Detox DISCOUNT 10%from 262,- EUR/3 nights
Antistress programme Imperial DISCOUNT 10%from 280,- EUR/3 nights
Respiratory spa care DISCOUNT 10%from 684,- EUR/6 nights
Classic DISCOUNT 10%from 467,- EUR/5 nights
Savoy Westend Hotel *****
Curative stay Relax DISCOUNT 10%from 426,- EUR/3 nights
Complex spa cure DISCOUNT 10%from 1.434,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation plus breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 159,- EUR/2 nights
Spa Hotel Dvořák ****S
Anti-stress stayfrom 161,- EUR/2 nights
Detox packagefrom 161,- EUR/2 nights
Charming ridefrom 322,- EUR/5 nights
Charming ride for 2-3 nightsfrom 141,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Bristol Palace ****
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 97,- EUR/2 nights
Spa vacation DISCOUNT 10%from 475,- EUR/7 nights
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