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Medical Spa Heviz

Hotel Europa Fit ****
Christmas celebration DISCOUNT 10%from 285,- EUR/3 nights
New Year’s Eve in Europe DISCOUNT 10%from 494,- EUR/3 nights
7=6 special offer DISCOUNT 10%from 512,- EUR/7 nights
Europe holiday SPECIAL OFFERfrom 263,- EUR/3 nights
Short treatment vacation 2020/2021 DISCOUNT 10%from 747,- EUR/7 nights
Large treatment vacation 2020/2021 SPECIAL OFFERfrom 1.811,- EUR/14 nights
Hunguest Hotel Helios ***
Wellness Taste DISCOUNT 10%from 149,- EUR/3 nights
Helios relaxation DISCOUNT 10%from 252,- EUR/4 nights
Curative Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 481,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with half board DISCOUNT 10%from 100,- EUR/2 nights
Hunguest Hotel Panorama ***
Wellness Taste 2019/2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 157,- EUR/3 nights
Panorama relaxation 2019/2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 206,- EUR/4 nights
Panorama 7-night curative stay DISCOUNT 10%from 412,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with half board DISCOUNT 10%from 82,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Spa Hévíz  ****
8-day curative stay DISCOUNT 10%from 615,- EUR/7 nights
4-day healing vacation DISCOUNT 10%from 284,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with half board DISCOUNT 10%from 134,- EUR/2 nights
Palace Hotel ****
Relaxation Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 170,- EUR/4 nights
Leisure Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 118,- EUR/2 nights
Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa *****
SPECIAL OFFER 7=6 DISCOUNT 10%from 594,- EUR/7 nights
Wellness in Lotus DISCOUNT 10%from 422,- EUR/3 nights
Small treatment package DISCOUNT 10%from 825,- EUR/6 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 297,- EUR/3 nights
7,5/10Good (1)
Hotel Erzsebet ***
Accommodation with half board DISCOUNT 10%from 69,- EUR/2 nights
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Heviz ****
Relax weekfrom 467,- EUR/7 nights
Hevíz Balneo therapyfrom 599,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with half boardfrom 133,- EUR/2 nights
NaturMed Hotel Carbona ****
4=3 offer DISCOUNT 10%from 279,- EUR/4 nights
5=4 offer DISCOUNT 10%from 345,- EUR/5 nights
6=7 offer DISCOUNT 10%from 518,- EUR/7 nights
Small therapy DISCOUNT 10%from 731,- EUR/7 nights
Basic therapy DISCOUNT 10%from 807,- EUR/7 nights
Medium Therapy DISCOUNT 10%from 1.577,- EUR/14 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 173,- EUR/2 nights
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