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Aerobic is one of several types of endurance exercises, it integrates into activity big muscle groups, it stimulates and positively influences the function of respiratory, heart-vascular and locomotive system. It means, that through regular aerobic exercises, there will improve the physical and functional ability of organism. It uses instruments of basic, fitness, rhythmic gymnastics and dances.
According to efficiency and content of aerobic, it is divided to:
1. Low impact aerobic
2. High impact aerobic
3. High-low impact = combo aerobic
According to the content of exercise, the lessons get their names.
There exist a lot of different exercise techniques:

Body Toning, Body Styling
It is an aerobic type, which serves for body forming through the weigh of own body. They are used simple aids like e.g. rubber-band and dyna-band, barbells 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg, weights on carpus or ankle, resp. bottles filled with 0.5 l - 1.5 l of water.

Precision Toning of body
A wholly different approach, here it goes about harmonisation of body and soul. It goes out from yoga and classic dance elements. It is focused on body centre of gravity. In all these exercises, it is not important how much you are practising, but how good you are practising. Quality versus quantity. Less is sometimes more.

It helps to keep and to increase flexibility. The better flexibility the muscle has, the bigger work can it do without risk of injury. Through stretching it is possible to influence looseness of the tissue apparatus in joint surrounding, through which the mentioned muscle is stretched.
Stretching should belong to the most important parts of your each sport activity. Especially, if you intensive practise in fitness studio and you increase your muscle performance. Stretching before endurance and after it, is not the same. Before action, we prepare the muscles for the coming endurance, and it should serve to warm-up (dynamic stretching). Stretching after endurance has the function to relax and to regenerate the muscles (static stretching).
During stretching, it is important to take the most stable position and to disable from the activity as many muscles as possible. In standing there are more muscles on the alert as in sitting, and in sitting are more as in laying.

Step aerobic
Exercise with a platform, which is about 25 cm high. "Step" is very popular already from the beginning of 90th. It is an aerobic type, which forms first of all the lower body part, thigh part and bottom, those are the problematic parts of the majority of the female population. During stepping-up and stepping-down from the platform, it comes to a higher energy consumption, but to a lower charging of the joint system. Therefore, the step aerobic is useful also for persons with a light overweight.

Tae Bo, Kick Box, Aerokick, Box-A-Size
A hot news in aerobic field, which has the task to rid the current human population of psychical pressure through its aggressive, but safe discharging. Tae Bo, where are united elements of Tae Kwon-Do, Karate and classic box originated in the USA. It is dedicated for people, who do not like dance choreographies in aerobic, but at the same time they would like to try his body. The basic movements are kicks and strokes, which are repeated with musical support. It is an aerobic-anaerobic training. The lesson is one hundred percent faster than other types of aerobic. Exercise is challenging, it integrates complex the muscles of the whole body and it strong forms the critical parts. At every stroke, there is necessary to strengthen the whole trunk and therefore it has advantages in opposite to the classic aerobic and strengthening, where you concentrate to only one muscle group.

Fitball, Powerball
Aerobic with using of big or small balls, useful especially for people with overweight, with sedentary job, with spinal and joint problems, but also as a supplementary exercise for different sport specialisations. Exercise with fitball is for most people an extremely positive experience.

Dance aerobic
Dance is an universal language of all cultures. It presented different types of dance aerobic with different dance techniques from classic dance, through funk, hip-hop to Latino-American rhythms. Dance exercise, which rises your soul and strengthens your body.

The treatment method "Aerobic" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Carinzia **** - Hermagor
Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo **** - Katschberghohe
Hotel Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg **** - Katschberghohe

Hotel Europa Fit **** - Heviz
Thermal Health Spa Resort Margitsziget **** - Budapest
MenDan Magic Spa & Wellness Hotel **** - Zalakaros

Hotel Radin **** - Radenci
Hotel Izvir **** - Radenci
Hotel Thermana Park Laško **** - Lasko
Hotel Zdravilišče Laško **** - Lasko
Histrion Hotel **** - Portoroz

Hotel Polana **** - Brusno

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