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Breathing gymnastics

Chronic obstructive lung disease represents the most important field of application for respiratory physiotherapy.
The technic comprises two successive stages: inhalation of a bronchospasmolytic and secretolytic aerosol (e.g. Alupent or Ventolin, diluted in tacholiquine or Bisolvon) followed by breathing exercises.
These exercises are divided into three parts: respiratory movements such as diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing, drainage of bronchial secretions, and exercises to relax the muscles of the shoulders, the thorax and the skin, all these movements being executed in the rhythm of breathing.
The effect of respiratory physiotherapy depends on the cooperation of the patient, the technic and the degree of severity of bronchiolar stenosis. The method is only successful in patients with slight to moderate bronchospasm; in those who suffer from dyspnea at rest it is usually ineffective.
The prerequisite for success is longterm treatment. This means that the patient must continue to practice the acquired technique at home at least once a day. A description of the other indications for breathing exercises, such as bronchiectasis, chronic pneumonia, lung abscess, atelectasis, pleural fibrosis etc., is followed by a summary of the contraindications for the method.

The treatment method "Breathing gymnastics" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Savoy Westend Hotel ***** - Carlsbad

Hotel Park Inn Sarvar **** - Sarvar
MenDan Magic Spa & Wellness Hotel **** - Zalakaros
Hunguest Hotel Pelion **** - Tapolca

Spa Hotel Palace *** - Sliac

Hotel Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg **** - Katschberghohe

Hotel Radin **** - Radenci
Hotel Izvir **** - Radenci
Grand hotel Portorož **** - Portoroz
Grand Hotel Primus **** - Ptuj

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