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Carbon dioxide baths

Carbon dioxide bag bath is prepared through saturation of the mineral water cooled down to 32°C - 34°C (hypothermic bath) with a carbon dioxide used in food industry, taken from the pressure vessel (2 - 3 atm), and applied through a saturator.
The carbonic bath has to contain at least 1000 mg of free CO2 per 1 kg of water. In order to dissolve in water a sufficient volume of CO2, the temperature of water has to be lower, the tube has to be filled from the bottom up, and the position of a patient in the bath should be fully relaxed, with head over the edge of the tub. The water must not whirl since that would cause an excessive release of dissolved CO2, and its cumulating just over the surface of the water (the risk of toxic affect of an excessive concentration of CO2, which is heavier than air).
The surface of the bath is thus covered, especially on the place below the patient's face. During the bath CO2 bubbles are generated on the skin (creating sort of gas film), and the gas is strongly diffused and absorbed (depending on the quality of the skin and its blood supply). The carbonic bath reduces the blood pressure, improves the efficiency of the heart action, and significantly improves the congestion in the body with the simultaneous elimination of its thermal overload.
The initial feeling of cold is in some 10 seconds replaced by the feeling of pleasant warmth, which is the result of active hyperaemia, boosted activity of thermoreceptors and contrarywise reduced activity of cold receptors.
The bath is suitable for coronary-vascular and nerve diseases. It lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, followed by the dry wrap up to 15 minutes. It is either prescribed by the doctor.

The treatment method "Carbon dioxide baths" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Aphrodite Palace **** - Rajecke Teplice
Hotel Aphrodite **** - Rajecke Teplice
Grand Hotel STRAND **** - Vysne Ruzbachy
Hotel Choc *** - Lucky
Spa house Lysec *** - Bojnice
Spa house Bôrina (Baník) *** - Bojnice
Spa house Mier *** - Bojnice
GRAND HOTEL BELLEVUE **** - Stary Smokovec
Spa Hotel Palace *** - Sliac
Hotel Polana **** - Brusno

Orea Spa Hotel Zvon **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Kamenne lazne *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Cisarske lazne **** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Beethoven *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Kolonada **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Bristol Palace **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel ***** - Carlsbad
Interhotel Central **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Imperial ***** - Carlsbad
Parkhotel Richmond **** - Carlsbad
Spa Resort Sanssouci **** - Carlsbad
Savoy Westend Hotel ***** - Carlsbad
Hotel SPA HOTEL THERMAL **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Metropol *** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Savoy **** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Jurkovičov dom **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Miramare **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Pohoda **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Morava***Superior *** - Luhacovice
Hotel Palace **** - Luhacovice
Alexandria Spa & Wellness Hotel **** - Luhacovice

Hunguest Hotels Zrt. Hotel APOLLO **** - Hajduszoboszlo
Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa ***** - Sarvar
Hotel Spa Hévíz **** - Heviz
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Heviz **** - Heviz
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Aqua **** - Heviz
Hotel Europa Fit **** - Heviz
Thermal Health Spa Resort Margitsziget **** - Budapest
AQUA Hotel Termal *** - Mosonmagyaróvár

Hotel Radin **** - Radenci
Hotel Izvir **** - Radenci

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