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Chinese Massage (TUI-NA)

A very efficient massage, which comes from healing methods of the traditional Chinese medicine.
Tui-na very differs from the classical massage. It is performed either through light clothes or through fabric. Only a few touches are made direct on the body. The next difference is in the particular touches. They very differ from the ones of the classical massage and some of them do not have anything to do with the touches of the classical massage.
It is useful not only as a curative method, bud also as a preventive method.
Using Tui-na, there are very efficient treated not only problems of the locomotive apparatus, but also indigestion and gynaecological problems, exhaustion syndromes, sleeplessness, some kinds of dizzinesses and headache. It helps to accelerate convalescence after accidents and more. It is used by constipation, because it helps to peristaltic of intestines. It eliminates headaches.
Using this massage very good results are achieved in some cases of palsies.

The treatment method "Chinese Massage (TUI-NA)" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Astoria *** - Bardejovske Kupele
Hotel Ozon *** - Bardejovske Kupele

Hotel Riviera **** - Portoroz
Hotel Salinera **** - Strunjan

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