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Diadynamic currents

Diadynamic is one of the most common devises of electro-therapy, which uses a low current for its analgesic and spasmolytic effect.
Diadynamic currents are mixed currents, which use effects of the concurrent application of galvanic and faraday, or other impulse-like currents.
This results in combined effects of both types of currents, especially induction of hyperaemia and analgesia. The galvanic current component is combined with impulse component.
Sinusoid-like impulse currents have inhibitory or facilitation effect, which depends on the frequency, intensity and other parameters. The current with predominantly inhibitory effect has the frequency 100 Hz, current with frequency 50 Hz acts rather dynamogenically, i.e. causing excitation, facilitation and supporting muscle tone, it eliminates oedema around the nerve envelope, reducing pain and supporting muscle tone.
The procedure has to be prescribed by a doctor, which should specify the application location and necessary characteristics of applied type of current.
Counter-indications: cardio-stimulator, tumours, sensitivity disorders, metal implants within current lines, pregnancy, eczema and bleeding condition

The treatment method "Diadynamic currents" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Aphrodite Palace **** - Rajecke Teplice
Hotel Aphrodite **** - Rajecke Teplice
Vysne Ruzbachy
Hotel Velka Fatra **** - Turcianske Teplice
Hotel Flora *** - Trencianske Teplice
Sklene Teplice
Spa house Smaragd - Dudince
Spa house Rubín - Dudince
Hotel Diamant *** - Dudince
Hotel Choc *** - Lucky
Central Ensana Health Spa Hotel *** - Smrdaky
Spa Hotel Palace *** - Sliac
Hotel Polana **** - Brusno

Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Hvezda **** - Marianske Lazne
Orea Spa Hotel Zvon **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Centralni Lazne **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne ***** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Kamenne lazne *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Cisarske lazne **** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Beethoven *** - Lazne Teplice
Spa Resort Sanssouci **** - Carlsbad
Hotel SPA HOTEL THERMAL **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Jurkovičov dom **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Miramare **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Morava***Superior *** - Luhacovice
Hotel Palace **** - Luhacovice
Spa Lázně Libverda

Hotel Atlantis **** - Hajduszoboszlo
Hotel Danubius Hotel Bük **** - Bukfurdo
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Heviz **** - Heviz
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Aqua **** - Heviz
Hotel Europa Fit **** - Heviz
MenDan Magic Spa & Wellness Hotel **** - Zalakaros
Hunguest Hotel Pelion **** - Tapolca
Thermal Hotel Visegrád **** - Vyšehrad

Hotel Termal **** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Ajda **** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Livada Prestige ***** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Radin **** - Radenci
Hotel Izvir **** - Radenci

Hotel Ikar Plaza **** - Kołobrzeg

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