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Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses coherent, monochromatic light – part of the segment of visible light or microwaves. The laser beam is the carrier of energy, which it can deliver after falling on the illuminated plane. The Helium-Neon laser applies the red light with the wavelength 632.8 nm.
The diode-based therapeutic lasers have the wavelength from 532 nm (green) up to 1060 nm (infrared). In order to affect the superficial tissues it is better to use lasers with a shorter wavelength, infrared laser affects deeper layers.
The laser can be applied either continuously or in impulses.
It has a significant biostimulating effect, mainly due to the fact that it stimulates collagen, supports tissue vascularisation, speeds up the regeneration of blood vessels, lymphatic routes and epithelia, better use of oxygen and glucose, and in general facilitates the healing process.
At the same time it acts as analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent (antibacterial and antiviral agents), and causes also the shrinking of oedemas.
Application is done locally, based on the doctor's prescription, either on small areas (algic points, initiating trigger points, treatment of wounds, etc.), or larger areas (using laser-scanner). A doctor licensed in acupuncture can apply the laser in acupuncture points (laser acupuncture).
Contra-indications: strict prohibition of application on eyes, on malign and precancer tissues, banned application on glands, belly during pregnancy, varicose veins or acute neuralgic attacks

The treatment method "Laser therapy" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Magnolia **** - Piestany
Hotel Park **** - Piestany
Hotel Aphrodite Palace **** - Rajecke Teplice
Hotel Aphrodite **** - Rajecke Teplice
Vysne Ruzbachy
Hotel Velka Fatra **** - Turcianske Teplice
Hotel Krym *** - Trencianske Teplice
Parkhotel na Baracke **** - Trencianske Teplice
Hotel Pax *** - Trencianske Teplice
Spa house Smaragd - Dudince
Spa house Rubín - Dudince
Hotel Diamant *** - Dudince

Hotel Kamenne lazne *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Cisarske lazne **** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Beethoven *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Kolonada **** - Carlsbad
Parkhotel Richmond **** - Carlsbad
Savoy Westend Hotel ***** - Carlsbad
Hotel SPA HOTEL THERMAL **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Akademik Behounek *** - Jachymov
Hotel Radium Palace **** - Jachymov
Hotel Reza **** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Francis Palace **** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Miramare **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Morava***Superior *** - Luhacovice
Hotel Palace **** - Luhacovice

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol **** - Hajduszoboszlo
Hotel Park Inn Sarvar **** - Sarvar
Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa ***** - Sarvar
Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa **** - Bukfurdo
Hunguest Hotel Repce Gold **** - Bukfurdo
Hunguest Hotel Pelion **** - Tapolca

Hotel Vivat Superior **** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Termal **** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Ajda **** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Livada Prestige ***** - Moravske Toplice
Hotel Radin **** - Radenci
Hotel Izvir **** - Radenci
Grand Hotel Primus **** - Ptuj

Hotel Ikar Plaza **** - Kołobrzeg

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