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Peat wraps

Peat is used for treatment of locomotory, gyneagological and respiratory diseases.
It is a form of thermo therapy. The heat improves the blood circulation and local metabolism. This way it improves the absorbtion of chronic inflammatory infiltrates, softens the ligament, relaxes the skeletal muscles and the smooth muscles of the internal organs.
Indications: locomotory diseases, respitory diseases, urological and gynaelogical diseases
Contraindications : it is not suitable for patiens with heart and vascular diseases and for patiens after cerebral apoplexy and after oncological operations

The treatment method "Peat wraps" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Centralni Lazne **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne ***** - Marianske Lazne
Orea Spa Hotel Cristal **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Bristol Palace **** - Carlsbad
Parkhotel Richmond **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Reza **** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Francis Palace **** - Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Miramare **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Pohoda **** - Luhacovice

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