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X-ray is used. It is electro-magnetic radiation within a wavelength range from 1 nanometre to 100 picometers. It is created by a sudden breakage of accelerated electrons (slowed radiation) or via transfer of electrons to lower energy levels in an atom (characteristic radiation).
X-ray properties which are important for diagnostics:
- penetration through mass - the strength of x-rays depends upon their energy: the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy and therefore, it can more deeply penetrate into tissue. In radiology, sometimes, instead of the word 'energy', the term „firmness“ of radiation is used
- different absorbance by tissues - that is the basis of the display itself. Various human body tissues absorb x-rays at various levels and a display of these differences is the final aim of its diagnostic use.
- luminiscent effect - the radiation has the ability to trigger luminescence
- photochemical effect - after exposure, it causes blackening of the film
X-ray therapy is based upon absorbtion of rays by tissue and upon its physical and biological effects upon living tissue.
The therapy is prescribed by a doctor.

The treatment method "Röntgen" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Akademik Behounek *** - Jachymov
Hotel Radium Palace **** - Jachymov


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