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Scotch douches

Scottish showers are a very radical, strongly stimulating and irritating procedure, based on the contrast application of cold and warmth.
It is applied using the water flow from jet with pressure 3 atm, from the 3 - 4 m distance. The shower starts with 38° - 42°C water applied during 30 seconds, followed by the shower with 16° - 18°C water applied for 5 - 10 seconds.
The shower is repeated several times, first in the area of upper and lower extremities, then on the torso and belly (following the course of the large intestine), always from the frontal as well as rear side. The procedure is not applied on the area of breasts and genitals. It ends with the cold shower.
Positive effects of the application: significant hyperaemia of the skin and feeling of the well-congested and warm skin. The procedure increases the immunity, supports the metabolism, facilitates the restoration of vegetative and functional malfunctions, and stimulates immune response.
Indications: locomotive system disorders, aches of muscles, functional disorders of blood circulation, neuro-vegetative dystonia, for physiological and physical regeneration and relaxation
Counter-indication: tendency to haematomas, heavier hypertension, more serious heart and vessel illnesses (even the chronic ones), heavier osteoporosis, varicose veins of lower extremities
The procedure last 10 - 15 minutes, and it has to be prescribed by a doctor.

The treatment method "Scotch douches" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Hotel Astoria *** - Bardejovske Kupele
Hotel Ozon *** - Bardejovske Kupele
Hotel Aphrodite Palace **** - Rajecke Teplice
Hotel Aphrodite **** - Rajecke Teplice
Vysne Ruzbachy
Hotel Velka Fatra **** - Turcianske Teplice
Hotel Krym *** - Trencianske Teplice
Hotel Pax *** - Trencianske Teplice
Hotel Relax Thermal - Sklene Teplice
Pension Goetheho dom - Sklene Teplice
Spa house Smaragd - Dudince
Spa house Rubín - Dudince
Hotel Diamant *** - Dudince
Hotel Branisko *** - Novy Smokovec
Hotel Choc *** - Lucky
Spa house Lysec *** - Bojnice
Spa house Bôrina (Baník) *** - Bojnice
Spa house Mier *** - Bojnice
Spa Hotel Palace *** - Sliac
Hotel Polana **** - Brusno
Pension Fontana *** - Besenova

Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne ***** - Marianske Lazne
Chateau Monty SPA Resort **** - Marianske Lazne
Hotel Kamenne lazne *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Cisarske lazne **** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Beethoven *** - Lazne Teplice
Hotel Kolonada **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Bristol Palace **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel ***** - Carlsbad
Interhotel Central **** - Carlsbad
Parkhotel Richmond **** - Carlsbad
Spa Resort Sanssouci **** - Carlsbad
Savoy Westend Hotel ***** - Carlsbad
Hotel SPA HOTEL THERMAL **** - Carlsbad
Hotel Akademik Behounek *** - Jachymov
Hotel Radium Palace **** - Jachymov
Frantiskovy Lazne
Hotel Miramare **** - Luhacovice
Hotel Palace **** - Luhacovice

Hotel Park Inn Sarvar **** - Sarvar

Hotel Ikar Plaza **** - Kołobrzeg
Hotel Golebiewski **** - Wisla

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