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Vacu move

This is a similar device to a Vacu Well, designed for a visible decrease in weight.
It includes stepping on a stepper in a vacuum device which provides perfect blood circulation in the tissues and therefore the necessary burning of fat, mainly on the thighs, hips, stomach and the buttocks, which are closed in the vacuum environment.
The upper part of the body which is not in the pressure chamber is actively synchronised with the stepper which provides shaping of the loose muscles in the area of arms and the chest.
Time and development of the process is monitored on the display. It is possible to regulate the intensity and speed of the stepper.
During exercise, there is great fluid loss due to perspiration; therefore, the fluid needs to be replaced regularly during exercise.
It is a demanding but very efficient exercise lasting circa 25 minutes.

The treatment method "Vacu move" is performed in the following spas and wellness hotels:

Sklene Teplice

We recommend
  • Easter
    Medical Spa Trencianske Teplice
    - nights: min 4
    - half board
    from 308 EUR
  • Weekend Stay
    Medical Spa Trencianske Teplice
    - nights: 2
    - half board
    from 131 EUR
    Medical Spa Rajecke Teplice
    - nights: min 2
    - half board
    from 268 EUR
  • Revitalizing vacation - 5 nights 2022
    Medical Spa Trencianske Teplice
    - nights: 5
    - half board
    from 316 EUR
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