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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • How many days before start of stay is necessary to pay for a stay?
    If you make a reservation for a stay few months before start, it is necessary to pay whole amount for stay 7 days since the binding reservation.
    If you make a reservation for a stay which starts in 4 weeks or less, you will fix the pay day with our seller.
    Usually it is till 24 hours, eventuall till 3 - 4 days.
  • Is it possible to pay for a stay in cash or by credit card right at the site at the beginning of stay?
    We request payment before start of stay as we are sending vouchers to our clients after they pay us for a stay. And yes, you need voucher to start your stay in spa.
  • I would like to give stay in spa to my parents as they have some anniversary, is it possible? What should I do?
    Yes, it is possible to give a stay. Make a reservation by phone, e-mail or fill the reservation form on our page, (it is necessary for us to know name, surname, date of birth, adress, telephone, e-mail of participants of stay, and also your name, surname, adress, telephone and e-mail.) Please, make a note, that it is a gift and to which adress is needed to send a voucher.
  • Is it possible to make reservation for any stay in your agency in cooperation with insurance company?
    We are sorry, but you must be suggested to your treatment in spa by your physician. If you'll have your stay approved, chosen spa will send you voucher with exact term of stay's start and end.
    In that cases it is necessary to contact directly chosen spa, not agency. We don't register patients from insurance companies and we offer stays in spas only for self-payers.
  • Is it possible to order only treatment without accommodation and boarding?
    This kind of treatment is called ambulant treatment and our agency doesn't offer it.
  • Is it possible to have a dog with me on stay?<
    In some spas yes, in some of them, no. If it is possible, you can check it on all our pages of hotels.

  • After completing and sending the form we will contact you within 2 HOURS during our working time (7.30 - 18.00) by phone or by e-mail to tell you if your reservation was successful therefore it is necessaryto include your phone number or your e-mail address.

    After your phone or e-mail confirmation of the booking you will be sent by mail:
    1. Pre-invoice - Agreement about the stay reservation (pre-invoice is necessary to pay until the expiration date)
    2. Our policy CK SUNFLOWERS agency s.r.o.
    3. Certificate about insurance of the agency against insolvency

    Sign one copy of the "Agreement about stay reservation" and send it to our address. This procedure is in compliance with Law no. 281/2001 of the statute and §741.
    After the payment for the stay is done, we will send you the VOUCHER, which grants you to start and realize your stay, and the Accompanying letter, which contains all informations about the stay and important contacts.

    Send request

    We hope that you will utilise our experience while planning your spa holiday and that you will experience fullness of relaxation and peace and will stay with us in the future...
    ........sincerely Yours, Sunflowers
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