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Thermenwelt Hotel Pulverer

Bad Kleinkirchheim - Austria

Thermenwelt Hotel Pulverer *****
Accommodation with half-board catering - Winter DISCOUNT 10%from 308,- EUR/2 nights

Habakuk Hotel

Maribor - Slovenia

Habakuk Hotel ****
Easter package/Spring holidays/May SPECIAL OFFERfrom 149,- EUR/2 nights
Relax vacation Habakukfrom 139,- EUR/2 nights
Relax vacation Habakuk 4=3from 209,- EUR/4 nights

Grand Hotel STRAND

Medical Spa Vysne Ruzbachy - Slovakia

Grand Hotel STRAND ****
Winter holidayfrom 98,- EUR/2 nights
Accommodation with breakfast 2020from 99,- EUR/2 nights
Wellness Vacation from 114,- EUR/2 nights
Minirelax 2020from 125,- EUR/2 nights
Complex healing vacation 2020from 490,- EUR/7 nights
Senior vacation 60+ 2020from 300,- EUR/5 nights
Healing vacation SPECIAL 2020from 260,- EUR/4 nights
Easter Vacationfrom 244,- EUR/4 nights

Hotel Park

Medical Spa Bled - Slovenia

Hotel Park ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 251,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 149,- EUR/2 nights

Grand Hotel Donat

Medical Spa Rogaška Slatina - Slovenia

Grand Hotel Donat ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 211,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Seasons

AquaCity Poprad - Slovakia

Hotel Seasons ****
Wellness Stay from 139,- EUR/2 nights

Rikli Balance Hotel

Medical Spa Bled - Slovenia

Rikli Balance Hotel ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 310,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 184,- EUR/2 nights

Chateau Monty SPA Resort

Marianske Lazne - Czech Republic

Chateau Monty SPA Resort ****
Monty for children 2020from 104,- EUR/2 nights
Senior stay 2020from 181,- EUR/3 nights
Wellness according to my idea 2020from 306,- EUR/5 nights
Chocolate fragrance 2020from 5.330,- EUR/3 nights
Castle romantics 2020from 150,- EUR/2 nights
7 steps to health 2020from 366,- EUR/7 nights

Hotel Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica - Slovakia

Hotel Lomnica ****
Bed and breakfast Winter 2019/2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 177,- EUR/2 nights
Village Resort Hanuliak ****
Last Minute vacation 2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 150,- EUR/2 nights
Easter in the Village Resort Hanuliak DISCOUNT 10%from 330,- EUR/3 nights
Weekend stay RELAX 2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 175,- EUR/2 nights
Romantic stay LUX 2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 95,- EUR/1 nights
Vacation CLASSIC 2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 267,- EUR/3 nights
Stay Senior 55+ DISCOUNT 10%from 160,- EUR/2 nights
Beauty Stay 2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 235,- EUR/2 nights
Family holidays DISCOUNT 10%from 373,- EUR/5 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 121,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Atrij

Medical Spa Zrece - Slovenia

Hotel Atrij ****
Thermal package DISCOUNT 10%from 198,- EUR/2 nights
White Winter in Terme Zreče DISCOUNT 10%from 244,- EUR/3 nights
Romantic vacation for two DISCOUNT 10%from 213,- EUR/2 nights
SKI & SPA DISCOUNT 10%from 276,- EUR/3 nights
Wellness Stay DISCOUNT 10%from 230,- EUR/3 nights
Curative week DISCOUNT 10%from 612,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with half board in Terme Zrece DISCOUNT 10%from 208,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Golebiewski

Wisla - Poland

Hotel Golebiewski ****
Holidays on Vistula DISCOUNT 10%from 150,- EUR/2 nights
Relax vacation weekfrom 132,- EUR/2 nights
Relax stay weekendfrom 145,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Klimek**** Spa

Muszyna - Złockie - Poland

Hotel Klimek**** Spa ****
Wellness stay from 99,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Zochova Chalet

Modra - Slovakia

Hotel Zochova Chalet ****
Vacation Comfort DISCOUNT 10%from 188,- EUR/2 nights
Bed and breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 164,- EUR/2 nights

La Contessa Castle Hotel

Szilvásvárad - Hungary

La Contessa Castle Hotel ****
Accommodation with breakfast from 220,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Holiday Inn Žilina

Žilina - Slovakia

Hotel Holiday Inn Žilina ****
Relax in the centre of Žilina DISCOUNT 10%from 160,- EUR/2 nights

Wellness Hotel Borovica

Strbske Pleso - Slovakia

Wellness Hotel Borovica ****
Short relax in Tatrasfrom 170,- EUR/2 nights
Relax stayfrom 340,- EUR/4 nights

Residence Hotel

Donovaly - Slovakia

Residence Hotel ****
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 141,- EUR/2 nights

Wellness Hotel Chopok

Demänovská Dolina - Slovakia

Wellness Hotel Chopok ****
Accommodation with breakfast 2019/2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 106,- EUR/2 nights
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