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Privacy statement

Some data, given during using of this server, products and services of the company SUNFLOWERS agency s.r.o., seat in Bardejov, Hurbanova 18, 085 01, Org.No.: 36 491 403, registered in Commercial Register of District Court Presov, division Sro, section 14713/P (thereinafter "CK SUNFLOWERS agency"), may have the character of personal information, according to code No. 428/2002 of statute, about protection of personal information. The company CK SUNFLOWERS agency fully acts according this code and does all to secure this personal information.

CK SUNFLOWERS agency gathers, collects and processes personal information mainly for purposes to perform the following activities or in connection with these:
- booking of stay and the related administration, - providing of services related with the stay, which are provided by the company in cooperation with their contract partners, - organization of company competitions and advertising shows, - processing of claims and reclamations.

As personal information are taken mainly the name and surname of the client or participant of stay, his address and email, phone number, birth date. Because of fact, that the person who realizes the booking of stay or service, can make the booking for several persons, it is necessary to give to the company, the personal information of all persons, for who the booking is realized.

Booking of Stay
Personal information listed above, which is given by the client during the booking of a stay, allows providing a proper and timely lodging, boarding and other services, which are required by the client during the booking. This information is used also in case, if it is necessary to contact the client, because of diverse changes in his booking.

Providing of Services Related with the Stay
The company CK SUNFLOWERS agency provides services related with the stay, like transportation of clients from railway station and bus station or airport to place of client's lodging, but only after an explicit request of the client.
The transportation is provided by the contract partners of the company CK SUNFLOWERS agency. For providing the transportation, it is necessary to give, to the contract partner, personal information of clients in a necessary amount, generally name and surname.

Organization of Competitions and Advertising Shows
If the client is interested in to participate in competitions and advertising shows of the company CK SUNFLOWERS agency, it is necessary to give, to the company, his personal information for the purpose of managing the competition, evaluating of results and possible contacting the winners. Participation in competitions and advertising shows is voluntary, and it means that the acquired personal information of participants is stored into the company's database system. The participants have whenever the possibility to request for discarding from the company's database.

During processing of reclamations it is necessary to give, to CK SUNFLOWERS agency, besides of personal information listed in the beginning, also supplemental information, e.g. account number, name of the bank, in which the client has opened the account etc.

Gathering, Collecting and Processing of Personal Information
CK SUNFLOWERS agency is gathering and collecting personal information explicitly on base of a direct phone or personal communication with the client or through the computer system during using of the internet site by the client. Personal information of the clients is recorded in a computer form into the computer database system of the company.

Protection of Personal Information and Giving them to Third Parties
Access to personal information of the clients have only the employees of the company, everyone of them is bounded with the obligation of secrecy. Personal information of the clients are given, by the company, in necessary amount only to the contract partners, exclusively for the purpose to provide services provided by the company CK SUNFLOWERS agency, related with the realization of stays and services, and to state authorities in case, that it is obligatory according to the valid legal regulations.

Client's Consent
Using services of the company CK SUNFLOWERS agency and participating in its events, the client or the participant agrees with gathering, collecting and processing of his personal information in a way as listed above. If the client decided to use the company's services or to participate in its events, it is obligatory to give his personal information for purposes and in amount mentioned herein. The customer has, in relation of giving and processing of his personal information, rights resulting from the code of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 428/2002 of statute, about protection of personal information, and following regulations.

By sending a booking or a question, the client agrees with processing and saving of his personal information for needs of the company CK SUNFLOWERS agency s.r.o. according to the code No. 428/2002 of statute, about protection of personal information.
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