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Therapeutic procedures

Mechano-therapy is a type of physiotherapy which applies massage, positioning, passive exercise, manipulation, etc.
Water healing, or hydrotherapy is part of physiatry, when the organism is not only influenced by thermal energy, but also by kinetic energy, or by special chemical substances which occur in the water environment with a preventative, healing and rehabilitation aim.
A cold and icy bath is an excellent strengthening tool. A hot bath opens the pores and utilises secretion of impurities from the body, a lukewarm bath calms the nerves and regulates the circulation.
Thermotherapy is a method of physical therapy during which the organism is influenced by thermic stimulants. Depending upon the range of application, we divide the therapy into total and local.
The carrier of thermal stimulant could be a solid, liquid or gas compound and therefore we determine therapeutic procedures with the use of water, air, gas, paraffin and peloids.
Electrotherapy ranks amongst physical therapy which uses the healing effect of various forms of electrical energy.
Electrotherapy mainly uses it s analgetic effects, it often improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, buffers inflamatory activity and therefore utilises the improvement of motoric function. The duration of most of electrotherapy procedures is 15 minutes.
Phototherapy - light therapy is a method of physical therapy during which the organism is influenced by electromagnetic radiation.
Light therapy is used for maintenance and support of health, treatment of diseases and pathological states and for renewal of lost functions and abilities. Light has an anti-bacterial effect which means that it is able to damage micro-organisms and also has a antirachitic effect which is used for treatment of diseases caused by lack of Vitamin D.
Rehabilitation exercise
For the majority of patients, healing exercise is the only effective treatment which can achieve excellent results. The effect is stimulating and affects as a tonic. It influences the circulation and breathing functions as well as the stability of vegetative balance and increases immunological protective reactions. It positively affects motoric apparatus, increases muscle strength, endurance and increases the range of movement of joints.
Cosmetics procedures are aimed at the skin and beauty care.
Others (64)
Other procedures include special procedures which combine different treatment methods. They also include some old traditional healing procedures, such as acupuncture, vacuum cupping massage and others.
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