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Hotel Livada Prestige

Medical Spa Moravske Toplice - Slovenia

Hotel Livada Prestige *****
Golf vacation LIVADA 2020from 246,- EUR/2 nights
Senior's packagefrom 213,- EUR/3 nights
Senior package - weekendfrom 225,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with half boardfrom 164,- EUR/2 nights

Thermia Palace Ensana Health Spa Hotel

Medical Spa Piestany - Slovakia

Thermia Palace Ensana Health Spa Hotel *****
Accommodation with half board - Thermia Palacefrom 230,- EUR/2 nights
Taste of Piešťany - Thermia Palace SPECIAL OFFERfrom 290,- EUR/2 nights
Complex spa stay - Thermia Palacefrom 1.085,- EUR/7 nights
Complex spa stay LIGHT 2019/2020from 1.050,- EUR/7 nights
Weight reduction programs - Ensana Thermia Palacefrom 2.275,- EUR/13 nights

Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne

Marianske Lazne - Czech Republic

Hotel Ensana Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne *****
Minirelaxfrom 257,- EUR/2 nights
Mini Spa Programfrom 379,- EUR/3 nights
Relaxing Spa Holidayfrom 871,- EUR/7 nights
Comprehensive Spa Stayfrom 1.045,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 183,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Park

Medical Spa Bled - Slovenia

Hotel Park ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 251,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 149,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Vivat Superior

Medical Spa Moravske Toplice - Slovenia

Hotel Vivat Superior ****
Mini Break SPECIAL OFFERfrom 119,- EUR/2 nights
Romantic vacation SPECIAL OFFERfrom 134,- EUR/2 nights
Sauna Relax SPECIAL OFFERfrom 139,- EUR/2 nights
Thermal experience SPECIAL OFFERfrom 169,- EUR/3 nights

Hotel Continental

Marianske Lazne - Czech Republic

Hotel Continental ****
Honey package from 132,- EUR/3 nights
Relax holiday from 234,- EUR/6 nights
Romance from 92,- EUR/2 nights
Luxury Relax from 156,- EUR/4 nights
Top Wellnessfrom 175,- EUR/5 nights

Rikli Balance Hotel

Medical Spa Bled - Slovenia

Rikli Balance Hotel ****
Accommodation with halfboardfrom 310,- EUR/3 nights
Accommodation with breakfast DISCOUNT 10%from 184,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Polana

Medical Spa Brusno - Slovakia

Hotel Polana ****
Sunflowers - Special packagefrom 259,- EUR/4 nights
Senior vacationfrom 194,- EUR/3 nights
Mini Relax from 191,- EUR/3 nights
Pre-Easter vacationfrom 158,- EUR/3 nights
Easter vacation 2020from 347,- EUR/4 nights
Medical relaxationfrom 161,- EUR/2 nights
Weekend stayfrom 161,- EUR/2 nights
Romantic getawayfrom 164,- EUR/2 nights
Curative stay with full boardfrom 493,- EUR/5 nights

Hotel Francis Palace

Frantiskovy Lazne - Czech Republic

Hotel Francis Palace ****
Stay Senior 55+ 2020from 370,- EUR/7 nights
Curative Stay CLASSIC 2020from 391,- EUR/7 nights
Healing holiday 2020from 371,- EUR/7 nights

Hotel Reza

Frantiskovy Lazne - Czech Republic

Hotel Reza ****
Curative Stay from 341,- EUR/7 nights
Complex curative Stay from 752,- EUR/14 nights
Intensive curative Stay - Rezafrom 822,- EUR/14 nights

Chateau Monty SPA Resort

Marianske Lazne - Czech Republic

Chateau Monty SPA Resort ****
Monty for children 2020from 104,- EUR/2 nights
Senior stay 2020from 181,- EUR/3 nights
Wellness according to my idea 2020from 305,- EUR/5 nights
Chocolate fragrance 2020from 5.330,- EUR/3 nights
Castle romantics 2020from 150,- EUR/2 nights
7 steps to health 2020from 366,- EUR/7 nights

Hotel Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica - Slovakia

Hotel Lomnica ****
Bed and breakfast Winter 2019/2020 DISCOUNT 10%from 177,- EUR/2 nights

Hotel Balnea

Medical Spa Dolenjske Toplice - Slovenia

Hotel Balnea ****
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 192,- EUR/2 nights

Grand Hotel Primus

Medical Spa Ptuj - Slovenia

Grand Hotel Primus ****
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 149,- EUR/2 nights

Zenit Hotel Balaton

Vonyarcvashegy - Hungary

Zenit Hotel Balaton ****
Magic Zenith Daysfrom 139,- EUR/2 nights
Accommodation with breakfastfrom 109,- EUR/2 nights
Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden ****
Accommodation with half boardfrom 304,- EUR/3 nights

Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort

Balatonalmádi - Hungary

Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort ****
3=4 special offer DISCOUNT 10%from 141,- EUR/4 nights
4=5 special offer DISCOUNT 10%from 188,- EUR/5 nights
7 nights at Balaton DISCOUNT 10%from 280,- EUR/7 nights
Accommodation with halfboard DISCOUNT 10%from 94,- EUR/2 nights


Stegersbach - Austria

LARIMAR hotel ****
Accommodation with half boardfrom 504,- EUR/3 nights
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